Work Experience Programme at Red House Academy

26th May 2017

Work Experience Programme at Red House Academy

This year Work Experience for all year 10 students is to take place from Monday 22nd May to Friday 26th May 2017. Students are to be part of a workforce, preferably in an area they are interested in, and will learn valuable skills and knowledge and understanding that will help them in the future. They can use the information from Work Placement and use it when they are compiling their CVs which is part of the ESH Programme they are working through at the present time.

All information about each placement is given to Connexions, the service we use to carry out health and safety checks on all placements. After the Easter break students will each receive information about their placement which provides them with information about times and dress code as well as information about the position they are to hold that week. The placement provider and parents/careers will each receive a copy of student placements. If a student is unable to attend their placement they must contact their provider to let them know they are unable to attend. They must also contact school to let the Attendance Team know that they are absent that day. If a student is unwell a parent/career can call on their behalf.

If you have any questions about the Work Experience Programme please contact Mrs Mahmoodshahi or Mr Spedding who are the Work Experience Co-ordinators at the Academy.

Mrs Mahmoodshahi
Work Experience Co-ordinator/Careers Mentor