Year 6 Open Evening 1/10/18 5pm

30th Sep 2018

Year 6 Open Evening 1/10/18 5pm

Red House Academy Y6 Open Evening

Dear Parent / Carer,

On behalf of the Northern Education Trust, I would like to thank those who attended the year 6 open evening at Red House Academy last week; we received some really encouraging feedback from some parents and carers and were delighted to talk to people about some of the changes we are currently implementing within the Academy.

Red House is now entering an exciting time with the academy's results improving significantly in terms of maths and English results and more students achieving a good pass in both.This provides a strong platform for the academy going forward and I am sure that with the investment that Northern Education Trust is putting into the academy we will continue to develop and offer students a really good standard of education.We have seen standards improve quickly and we are delighted to be able to show that the many changes the trust have instigated have had an immediate impact on students' life chances and significantly more now have the opportunity to move onto level 3 college courses and apprenticeships.

This is a crucial time for parents, carers and children and I understand your chosen secondary school destination is not a decision to be taken lightly and, as a parent myself, I realise that the decision to send your child to the right school must be made with great care and attention.A number of parents and carers commented on how they liked a lot of what we were saying and found it useful to hear our plans for the future and the significant changes in leadership we have undertaken recently.With this in mind, we have decided to run another 'drop-in' event for any parents or carers who either attended last week and want to talk in more depth or for those who missed the event.

I would, therefore, like to offer you a further opportunity to visit the academy on Monday 1 October at 5.00pm.The evening we will provide an opportunity to listen to an address from the Executive Principal and ask any questions that you may have of the Principal and senior staff.

I look forward to sharing our vison with you and explaining a little more about the exciting academy Enrichment, Pledges and Student Voice programmes that our students will be receiving in coming weeks; these are a fantastic way to ensure high student engagement and developing students' wider life skills and I hope that we will welcome your child to get involved with in the future.

If you do have any questions or queries please do not hesitate to contact Mrs P. Dubbledam PA to the Principal, for a time to meet or have a chat over the phone and I will be more than happy to discuss things with you.

Yours faithfully

Michael Robson

Executive Principal