A word from our Principal

It is a pleasure to welcome you to Red House Academy. I hope you find our website useful to gain an insight into our daily routine. Since my arrival, we have made many changes to the way the academy operates and this website is very much a work in progress with lots of updates to come over the next few months.

I feel privileged to be the Principal of Red House Academy. I arrived in September 2017. I see my job as ensuring that the outstanding students that we have here now go on to start to achieve outstanding outcomes at the end of their studies.

There is a huge amount to celebrate here at Red House. Our clear focus is on improving the life opportunities for all. We believe in 'success through effort'. Respect, diligence, self-discipline, good manners and a concern for all, within and beyond our community are the values that underpin our work and we expect from everyone. The academy offers a small, close-knit community where children are safe, secure and supported to achieve the best outcomes possible. We have improved the structure of our school day, introduced an enrichment programme, have a very successful Student Voice programme running and also launched a Pledges initiative to challenge students to achieve in their wider personal development.

Our changes to teaching and learning are ensuring that students get good delivery in a consistent way that they now come to expect. All teachers use timers for pace in lessons, random student selectors for varied questioning, Challenge and Aspire learning outcomes are displayed in every lesson and there are regular applause moments to celebrate successes in student performance. We have a recognised hands up silent signal and collaborative learning and brave teaching techniques are supported and encouraged. We recently launched a PROUD campaign to ensure students present their work well and many students have received individual praise and rewards as a result of their brilliant response.

Red House is an academy on the up and I believe it will be an outstanding place to come and learn; please enjoy your journey through our various website pages and do feel free to visit the academy for a learning walk or meeting with me or any of the team.

Joan Kennedy