Joint Academy Council

We have a dedicated team of Governors who are committed to supporting the academy in our drive to improve the educational experience of our students and to strengthen our relationships with our community.

Details of these Governors can be found below:

Mr D Duggan (Governor)
Link Role for Health & Safety
Term of office expires:01/06/2019

Mr C Ferguson (Chair)
Term of office expires:18/06/2019

Mrs S Lowry (Sponsor Governor)
Link Role for Careers
Term of office expires:01/09/2021

Mr J Morris (Sponsor Governor)
Link Role for SEND, LAC
Term of office expires:01/09/2021

Mr A Mothalib (Sponsor Governor)
Link Role for Safeguarding
Term of office expires:11/06/2022

Michael Burns - Principal

Michael Robson - Executive Principal

Register of Pecuniary Interests 2018/19

Attendance Records (12 months)

Combined Academy Council Members

If you would like to contact any of our Governors, please write to them using our Academy address:

Red House Academy
Rutherglen Road